We recently had the privilege of working with the Tietz family, and I wanted to share their feedback.  We are so honored by our clients everyday – thankful they have such faith in and enthusiasm for our work!


A note from Kris Tietz:

We recently had Greg photograph our family and the passion for his work is as strong today as it was when he photographed our wedding 20 years ago!  His excitement is infectious which made the photography session truly enjoyable.  He had a way of connecting with each member of our family making it a fun and positive experience.  When viewing the images, Greg and Sally provided exceptional customer service in helping us select the photograph that best captured our family.  Our portrait is a piece of art that we will forever treasure.


Happy (belated) New Year from the Rademacher Studio!  We had the privilege of photographing so many families in 2015, and as always, Greg created stunning images.  

As we’ve shared in the past, our daughter, Callie, designs custom greeting and holiday cards for our clients, and now that the holiday season has passed, I’d like to showcase a few of them. Reiland Front

Lloyd Front


Strop Front 2015

Every year we get calls after the holidays from families who have sent one – all of them with the same feedback.  Their friends have called to remark about their card – commenting on the beauty of the image, as well as the unique nature of its presentation – and have shared how much they enjoyed receiving them.  We’d have to agree – they truly are remarkable!  

Please call the studio for more information on our holiday cards.

Lang Front

JJ Save the Date A

Owens Front

We hope you’ll consider capturing your own family in 2016.  Happy New Year and best wishes from the Rademacher studio!

When first introduced to Greg’s style of work, many of you may remember me speaking about the influence of the ‘Old Masters’ – great artists of the past that created truly distinguished works of art.  Greg has studied so many throughout his life; Reynolds, Rembrandt, Sargent – they’ve all had an influence on his photography.  But perhaps the most influential of them all would have been a world-renouned portrait photographer by the name of Phillip Stewart Charis.


Our association with Mr. Charis began decades ago when Greg was fortunate enough to study with him.  His influence on Greg’s work was profound, and his tutelage remained the most inspiring of Greg’s career.  


Sadly, Mr. Charis died on July 9th, at the age of 88. Greg just returned from the Memorial service honoring his mentor and friend, and we wanted to share a bit of his legacy with you for he truly was one of the greatest portrait photographers of his time. He will be missed by many in our profession, but his legacy will live on.

To learn more about the life and work of Phillip Stewart Charis, click here.

Enjoy these images, and best wishes from the Rademacher Studio in 2015! 

GK Rademacher 2014 Front

Friedges Slim Line

Berg Front

Strop Front 2014

Pederson Back

Witt Slim Line

Rasmusson Front 2014

Jaeger 2014 Front

Happy New Year!

Almost 40 years after we first began photographing your families and loved ones, we welcome the year 2015 with a mixture of gratitude and exhaustion! 

We’ve had a very busy year, and are so grateful for your patronage.  We have been so fortunate to record memories for our clients over so many years, and while I’m not sure we could ever tire of what we have loved doing for so long, we are enjoying a much slower pace for the next few months!

Rademacher Front 2014

I wanted to showcase a number of family portraits Greg captured throughout the year – each one stunning in its own right! 

My daughter, Katrina, insisted that we take the time on Christmas Eve to record our own family portrait, as we do for so many of you.  Yes, we too are guilty of letting time slip by without something so precious.  Our last family photograph was taken years ago and is missing two of our grandchildren – it was definitely time to update!

Rademacher Back 2014

Enjoy these images, and best wishes from the Rademacher Studio in 2015! 

Miller Slim Line

Conway Front

Brod Slim Line

Zurcher Front

Lambrecht Slim Line

Caruth Slim Line

Thao Front

Lenzmeier Slim Line

Many of you have had portraits of your children or families displayed with our studio and kiosks over the past 20 years.   We are cleaning out our storage rooms, so it is your last chance to grab that miniature or large wall portrait.  Miniatures are $25, our large pieces $149.  If you’re unsure whether or not we have one of your family, please call to inquire – we would be glad to check!  

If you were like me, your senior portrait sitting was very different than how it is done today.   Mine was shot on location in my high school wrestling room, it took about 20 minutes, and it included a head and shoulders pose shot from 3-4 different angles with one change in the direction of the light.  OK, that was MANY years ago…how times have changed!  

We have been doing senior portraits for almost 40 years, and Greg’s work has evolved with the times, as well.  In those early years, we were photographing 300 seniors a year.  While his volume has changed since then, his excitement and passion for shooting that age group hasn’t ceased.  He has long been known for a traditional style of work and has resisted the newest gimmick or trendy look that can often date the portrait, but even if he is “one of the old guys” in photography, his fresh, innovative, and timeless style challenges that label.        

In the past few years, we have seen the need for a formal senior portrait questioned.  Many are choosing to have a friend take a few shots, or are choosing to forego doing that portrait altogether. The “selfies” and snapshots our society has become obsessed with can’t replace a properly composed, lit, and professionally captured portrait, and for many, that formal portrait is one of the few times an individual is photographed by a professional at all. 

I share with you my Dad’s “formal” portrait…taken on the steps of the high school.  I found this portrait only a few years ago and it has become so important to us all.  We are so thankful that moment in his life was captured so beautifully.  If you know someone contemplating their senior portrait choices, help them consider the importance of doing so.