The question we are most often asked is, “When should I have my child photographed?” For the mother who wants to remember forever the expression in her baby’s eyes whether he is six months or sixteen years, the best way to record these precious moments for the future is as often as possible.
There are, however, seven magic ages in the child’s development that make a definitive photographic record of the growing years.  Using these milestones, you will have a priceless heirloom to enjoy and hand down in later years. 
Age No. 1: At EIGHT MONTHS the baby is alert and responsive, yet still looks like a baby…cuddly…able to stand…but still dependent.

Age No. 2: At ONE YEAR the permanent feature characteristics begin to show future family likeness…still a baby, but a robust, growing one.

Age No. 3: Around the SECOND BIRTHDAY the language barrier is broken and the child begins to respond to reason, humor and action.


Age No. 4: The FOURTH BIRTHDAY is no doubt one of the cutest, most desirable
 ages for both sexes. The child can speak, and reason and is beginning to display individuality-a new permanent element of personality.

Age No. 5: Sometime during the SEVENTH YEAR, when the snaggely tooth age ends, second teeth change the facial contours, even the expression around the mouth. A growing mind has (by seven) developed a more mature, inquiring outlook.

Age No. 6: As the TWELFTH YEAR progresses, we suddenly realize that our child is about to go into the teen age of puberty…a sort of dress rehearsal for adulthood.  The child, in a true sense, will soon be supplanted.

Age No. 7: The final age of childhood, SIXTEEN. If it’s a boy, he is suddenly a man…in his interests, his attitudes, his thinking.  If it’s a girl, it’s SWEET SIXTEEN…an age apart from all the others-usually the happiest age, when she blossoms into womanhood.  Still a lot of growing, and learning, and absorbing experiences ahead…but never again a child.
During the month of August, ONLY 8 children’s portrait sessions will be available.  Individual children ages 3 months to 16 years can be photographed in a one-outfit session that will capture twelve to eighteen different looks of your child.  A viewing session will immediately follow, and once your images are selected, you’ll choose from specially priced packages at a 25-35% savings!  
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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Rademacher Studio is extending a special offer to photograph your little sweetheart!  

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This formal portrait of  Paul and Elizabeth Strand’s extended family has been long in the making.  Elizabeth first saw our work on display at Southdale Center many years ago; the seed was planted then and was not forgotten as she saw our work  a number of times since. To commemorate her 50th wedding anniversary, she finally chose to fulfill the dream she had.    


During our initial consultation, she conveyed to me the importance of including her entire family, and for the session, she gathered everyone – daughters, son-in-laws and grandchildren – for a legacy portrait of the extended family. Elizabeth worked for hours to coordinate clothing, selecting a formal tuxedo look that is both elegant and timeless. We were able to fit almost the entire group with those that we keep in the studio for just such a portrait!  


The resulting images are so special, and Greg and I were thrilled to deliver them.  The Strands loved the outcome, and Elizabeth remarked at the overwhelming response from her family and how much these photographs meant to each of them, echoing my belief that portraits of this nature have a significant and lasting impact on those we love.  


If I can leave you with one important thought to consider, it would be this:  Your choice of a  “legacy” portrait, no matter what the subject, will be an event and a cherished memory that will last long after it has been taken.  Don’t wait!


We hope you all have had a blessed and wonderful holiday season!  

I’m including a number of holiday cards featuring some of the stunning shots captured in 2016.  Fall in the Midwest lends itself so beautifully to outdoor portraiture, although this past year was an interesting one with such a rainy season! 



The cards I’m sharing with you are the custom cards designed for our studio by my daughter, Callie.  She has a wonderful design sense (her Dad’s DNA all the way)!  If you’re interested in learning more about our holiday card options for your own image in 2017, please contact the studio.



obrien-frontOur Christmas card always seems to get delayed as we are just coming off of our busiest season at the studio, but we wanted to share it with you, as well!


 We have had an exciting year embarking on a project that I have been dreaming of for more than 20 years.  In May, we began building a small cabin on some property just outside the town I grew up in.  Pine River – located 30 miles north of Brainerd – is a sleepy little community surrounded by lakes and a bike trail I love to spend time on.  

The cabin’s design was inspired by a small cottage I have admired for years, and as you can see by the photographs, we are still in the process of completion.  We’ve been able to tackle much of the work ourselves, and Greg, ever the craftsmen, has used his talents almost every step along the way – roofing, siding, flooring, molding, cabinetry – you name it, and his beautiful mark is on it! 

If you find us absent from the studio in the months ahead, you will know exactly where we will be.  Our hope is to be enjoying the summer with the interior finished.  Will it be our retirement home??  Well, hard to know right now, but having spent much of the summer there this past year, I know we will working “remotely” more often!

Best wishes to your families in 2017!

We recently had the privilege of working with the Tietz family, and I wanted to share their feedback.  We are so honored by our clients everyday – thankful they have such faith in and enthusiasm for our work!


A note from Kris Tietz:

We recently had Greg photograph our family and the passion for his work is as strong today as it was when he photographed our wedding 20 years ago!  His excitement is infectious which made the photography session truly enjoyable.  He had a way of connecting with each member of our family making it a fun and positive experience.  When viewing the images, Greg and Sally provided exceptional customer service in helping us select the photograph that best captured our family.  Our portrait is a piece of art that we will forever treasure.


Happy (belated) New Year from the Rademacher Studio!  We had the privilege of photographing so many families in 2015, and as always, Greg created stunning images.  

As we’ve shared in the past, our daughter, Callie, designs custom greeting and holiday cards for our clients, and now that the holiday season has passed, I’d like to showcase a few of them. Reiland Front

Lloyd Front


Strop Front 2015

Every year we get calls after the holidays from families who have sent one – all of them with the same feedback.  Their friends have called to remark about their card – commenting on the beauty of the image, as well as the unique nature of its presentation – and have shared how much they enjoyed receiving them.  We’d have to agree – they truly are remarkable!  

Please call the studio for more information on our holiday cards.

Lang Front

JJ Save the Date A

Owens Front

We hope you’ll consider capturing your own family in 2016.  Happy New Year and best wishes from the Rademacher studio!

When first introduced to Greg’s style of work, many of you may remember me speaking about the influence of the ‘Old Masters’ – great artists of the past that created truly distinguished works of art.  Greg has studied so many throughout his life; Reynolds, Rembrandt, Sargent – they’ve all had an influence on his photography.  But perhaps the most influential of them all would have been a world-renouned portrait photographer by the name of Phillip Stewart Charis.


Our association with Mr. Charis began decades ago when Greg was fortunate enough to study with him.  His influence on Greg’s work was profound, and his tutelage remained the most inspiring of Greg’s career.  


Sadly, Mr. Charis died on July 9th, at the age of 88. Greg just returned from the Memorial service honoring his mentor and friend, and we wanted to share a bit of his legacy with you for he truly was one of the greatest portrait photographers of his time. He will be missed by many in our profession, but his legacy will live on.

To learn more about the life and work of Phillip Stewart Charis, click here.